Welcome to the EzPhotoShare's Frequently Asked Questions!

In the event you are unable to find the answer to your question below please use our contact page HERE

We strive to respond to all queries within twelve (12) hours, however depending on volume it may take longer. We greatly appreciate your patience and we will do our utmost to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Q: I have very large photos/images, what is the maximum file size you support?

A: You may upload photos/images that are up to 100MB in size.

Q: What photo/image formats do you support?

A: At present you may upload .gif, .jpg, .jpeg & .png.

Q: Am I able to control who sees the photos/images I upload?

A: Absolutely! Each album you create can be configured as public, private (just me), private (anyone with the link) or password protected (You will need to provide the password to anyone whom you wish to be able view the album). All the photos/images added to an album will be controlled by the privacy settings you configured for the album in which you added the photos/images.

Q: How long will my photos/images be available after I upload them?

A: Forever! All photos/images you upload will remain hosted by us until which time you remove them. The only exceptions are when the original copyright holder (assuming its not you) requests the photo/image to be removed, when the photo/image violates USA/Canadian/French law or the photo/image violates our policies.

Q: Will you disable my photo/image if it receives too much traffic?

A: In the unlikely event your photo/images is receiving so much traffic that it is causing our servers to go offline we may be forced to temporarily halt sharing your photo/image, however we will only do so as a last resort. We regularly have users post photos/images hosted by us on websites like Reddit and receive 10's of thousands of views in a very short time, we handle it without any issue at all.

Q: How many photos/images am I allowed to upload?

A: You may upload as many as you like, we do not limit you!

Q: You are hosting an image on which I own the copyright, how do I request it to be removed?

A: Please use our contact form HERE.

Q: Do you allow adult photos/images to be upload?

A: Yes, however if you are looking to upload a lot of adult content we recommend using PicsGoneWild.

Q: If I upload a NSFW (including nudity, porn, etc.) photo/image do I need to use "Flag as unsafe"?

A: YES! You MUST choose "Flag as unsafe" any content you upload which would be considered not safe for work (ie. anything you wouldn't want your young child to see).

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